There's been a proliferation of video production in recent years, but few filmmakers are aware of the risks of their creative pursuits. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and we think it's best to work within the confines of all applicable laws and to accept the additional expense of proper insurance rather than "doing whatever it takes to get the shot."
Regarding Drone Videography
Everyone has a drone. Unfortunately, many aren't licensed to operate it, and those who are licensed often fail to operate their drone according to law. This exposes you, the client, to liability.
Scott earned his first pilot certificate in 2001. He became authorized to fly manned, fixed-wing aircraft before earning his drone certificate. By flying manned aircraft first, Scott developed a corporeal appreciation for the risks of flight. He also developed a passion and understanding for the craft of flight that is difficult to match through the virtual experience of drone piloting.
Scott only conducts drone operations that are legal and always carries the proper insurance. This can help protect you and your organization from an unnecessary liability.
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