A video producer is someone who goes through the trouble to understand why. Specifically, why should people care about your work, product, or service? Without understanding why, a videographer may employ all the latest spectacle, but ultimately—the resultant video won't have a lasting impact on the way your audience thinks about you.
Scott first seeks to develop an understanding of your work and your audience. With that understanding, one can then design a video that works—it may involve the latest technologies, or it may be as simple as a one-on-one interview with the right person to speak on your behalf (or both).
Client Feedback
"Scott has worked with the business school to create some frankly amazing video about our programs that we are using to recruit students around the world.  Scott has an amazing ability to come into an organization and really get a feel for the culture and the presence and then take that and incorporate it into a powerful video."
-Sue Oldham, Executive Director, Recruiting and Admissions, Rice University Graduate School of Business
"We have really incorporated that 'Where Matters' video into our recruiting message.  I use that video in Houston, while on the road across the country, etc. I even heard Dean Glick say 'Where Matters' at his address to the women at the Women@Rice recruiting event this past weekend. What started as a blip of an idea has become something that has a life of its own now."
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