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Video Production

Filmmaking with an intellectual frame of mind

We find your work interesting. Let us create a short video about it. We handle everything from concept to delivery. Take a look at some of the projects we've produced in the past.

Manufacturer's Journey

Epicor wanted to improve their customer case study videos, and so they called us. We assigned our documentary crew to the project and delivered this simple, elegant case study about one of Epicor's clients, Tuffaloy Products, in Greer, SC.

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We Are the Fire

Sometimes, the best way to communicate the importance of an organization is by including the perspective of someone outside the organization whom the public trusts. As part of this video for the Houston Arboretum, we reached out to the mayor of Houston and asked her to appear in the video.

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Over & Under

Men's Swimming was defunded as part of cost-cutting measures at Arizona State. Determined to keep their program afloat, alumni created the Sun Devil Swimming Association to privately fund the team. We worked with the SDSA to develop this reality-TV series about their team. Although the program never went into production…

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Where Matters

At the time, the business school at Rice didn't have an ad agency, but they knew they needed a great video to recruit top MBA applicants. We created this video from concept to finish. Not only did it lead to growth for Rice's business program, it was featured on their…

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Race to Accelerate

We produced film units in both the US and the UK to deliver this event video for Epicor's annual sales meeting.

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